Book reviews

I’ve always read a lot, and widely; when I have the time, I like to pass on my thoughts about some of the books I have read. Since I’d rather read books than write about them, not everything I read gets a review here. There is no overall theme to the books I talk about, there is fiction and non-fiction; there are some books on web design because that is an obvious interest of mine.

Some of these reviews are favourable, some are very unfavourable; occasionally one is lukewarm, neither finding the book dreadfully bad or wonderfully good. All are my honest opinions. Links are provided to Amazon so that you can buy the book if you want. In theory this might give me some money some day, but I don’t expect that to happen, ever. This isn’t intended to be a high readership, big money earner site; the Amazon associate programme is, though, useful to me to see how many people follow through links from the reviews pages.

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