Being intelligent and aware of what’s going on in the world, I have opinions. Or I am opinionated, or something like that. Occasionally something gets my goat so much I vent some spleen here; from time to time something stimulates me to quieter musings, too. Here, then, are my rants (think frothing Viking coming at his target with a bloody great battleaxe) and opinions (more sitting in the library with some alcoholic beverage of my choice talking as the mood takes me). I haven’t separated the rants from the opinions in the list below because there is some overlap between them — sometimes a subject will provoke a rant (or an opinion) which will get followed up with an opinion (or a rant) on the same topic.

No, I don’t expect you to agree with everything I say here. Do feel free to tell me you don’t agree. Or that you agree. Or that I’ve let the whining bastards concerned off too lightly…

By the way, the first rant here, on political correctness, was the stimulus for the entire site. I had this web space which had been used for another project which I had moved elsewhere, so I was doing nothing with it. Then the vacant blonde tart (read the rant) did her stuff — in fact she did more than is referred to in the rant — which left six or so people seething, myself included. So I ranted online, and the whole rest of the site sort of flowered from that. I like to think of her as the the site’s manure.

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